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What is

Metronome.NET is a project of simple at use and intuitive digital metronome written in Visual for people intrested in playing on various musical instruments. For the application I have used Tango icons based on GPL licence.
(Main window of the application)

How to use

The application is very simple at this stage of development. First thing that you have to do is setting up number of beats per minute to be played. Then all you have to do is just hitting "Start" button and playing your instrument.

For developers and programmers

Compiling the application

Metronome.NET was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. I cannot guarantee compability with other IDEs or compilers. If you're willing to help with project development, please contact with me.

Getting the most recent version of the source code

To get the msot recent version of the source code, use any subversion client (ie. Tortoise SVN) and do a checkout with the following repository:

Development plan

Planned features:

  • Adding bigger field of manouver for configurating the application
  • Availibility for Windows Mobile is planned, but nothing is going to be released soon
  • Adding a possiblity to add user-defined wave files with metronome beats

Bugs to fix:

  • Nothing... yet


If you want to contact with me, report bug or join the application devepolment, contact with me via E-Mail: mcywinski(at)

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